Writing the Best Double Spaced Essay

When writing an essay for your high school or college, you need to select the right line spacing for any academic written work. Most students prefer to write a double spaced essay because this format makes it simpler for the audience to follow its flow. How you format your papers depends on a specific work processing program that the requirements of professors. Feel free to double space your writing assignments by setting up correct parameters for either a particular part of your text or the entire essay.

What Is Double Spacing?

It refers to the amount of space shown between the lines of your essays. When they are single spaced, there’s quite little space between all typed lines, and it means that there’s no room for comments or marks. That’s why most professors ask their students to double space their assignments. This space between lines provides more room for helpful editing comments and marks. So, double spacing is the norm for academic papers. If you have any doubts about essay formatting prompts, format it with double spacing. You can single space your academic papers only when teachers ask for that.

How Should You Double Space Essays?

If you typed a paper and realized that its spacing is wrong, don’t worry about that because you still can change its spacing and other formatting styles easily at any time of your writing process. However, the way students go about these important changes differs, and everything depends on their chosen work processing program. There are different methods that can be used when writing a double spaced essay.

Double Spacing in Microsoft Word

  • Open up your text, which can be just a blank page if you want to format everything and didn’t start writing.
  • Create default settings to guarantee that the entire essay is double-spaced.
  • Find the Styles group on your toolbar, as this is where you need to click on Modify in a menu.
  • Search for formatting prompts and click OK to set the entire paper in its double space format.
  • Create a special area within your text where you prefer to double space (it can be just a section in your single-spaced essay or something with larger spaces).
  • Highlight the fragment that you want to double space.
  • Find paragraph and line spacing in the Home tab.
  • Choose the right option to double space a particular area of your essay.

Double Spacing in WordPerfect

  • Use a leading feature or line spacing to create double spaces between lines in the entire essay or its section.
  • Click on formats to find the menu that suggests lines, as this is where you need to choose line spacing.
  • Type 2 in the spacing box to double space and this program will ask you to create an individual line spacing value.
  • Double spacing takes place from any part in the essay where a cursor is positioned.
  • Place a cursor on the top of the page if you want to double space the entire paper, and everything will be double spaced until you change settings.

Double Spacing in Google Docs

  • Open this program in your favorite browser. Log into a personal account if you aren’t logged in automatically, and search for a summary of your documents.
  • Click on the paper that you want to double space or create the new one if you want to write a new essay.
  • Choose a part of your text that should be double spaced by simply highlighting it. If you want to double space the whole essay, hold Ctrl and A.
  • Choose line spacing in formatting option (there are four of them, but you need to choose double spacing or 2.0).

General Essay Writing Advice

Start writing your double spaced essay as early as you can. Once you get assignment prompts from professors, start thinking. Otherwise, you risk missing important information while doing your research. If you don’t have excellent ideas for this paper, you can miss their usefulness. Starting early also provides you with a great opportunity to write and rewrite your essay, talk to other people about it, and submit it on time. If you decide to complete this assignment only the night before it’s due, you’re more likely to get low grades.

How to Gather More Information

You need to gather only relevant information. How can you do that? Go to local libraries, but don’t browse aimlessly because you may learn something new, but you won’t write a successful essay this way. The best place to get started is by writing down everything you know about the chosen subject because you may know more than you realize. This technique also helps you get thinking about a topic and it gives some interesting ideas to follow.

The Importance of Purposeful Reading

It’s necessary to use this effective strategic method. To read purposefully, formulate a certain set of questions before getting started. As you keep reading, you may ask more specific questions and look for their answers too. It’s easy to do a lot of research and end up being confused by all figures and facts. Searching for answers only to predetermined questions can help you avoid that.

Use Different Sources of Information

You should have a particular book list with all major sources of information for your essay. Use their bibliographies to extend your purposeful reading. Feel free to refer to helpful lecture notes, but you shouldn’t rely only on them because they offer only a general overview or may contain some incorrect details. The most productive sources that can be used to gather information for your essay include:

  • Specific journals;
  • Broadsheet newspapers;
  • Online resources.

They often focus on important issues, including laws, society, businesses, and so on. These sources can give you not only updated and reliable information on the chosen subject, but they also provide you with a certain indication of the writing style required at a particular level.

How to Record Interesting Data

Keep your notebook or record cards to jot down all interesting quotes, examples, discussions, and ideas when you come across them. If you fail to do that, you’re quite likely to forget them when writing your double spaced essay. Besides, this writing technique can free your mind because you may not remember all minor details, especially if they block your creative thinking. Use your notebook to write down all exact details of your used sources of information. If you miss this important step, you’ll waste your time on relooking for them and end up with frustration.

Plagiarism and Understanding Essay Questions

If you use some source materials, including direct quotes or their summaries in your own words, it’s necessary to make references in your essay and give full details in bibliographies. Credit original authors, or your professors will think that you want to cheat or pass the ideas of other people as your own. You also need to understand all assignment questions. They are targeted as getting you to show the audience how much you know about a particular topic and whether you can make a convincing argument. You should always answer specific questions, but many students still fail to do that and they end up with insufficient grades. Some essay prompts are more helpful than others that provide students with structured details that will guide you through the whole writing process. Check assessment criteria to understand what you’re required to write. Think about the targeted audience, stay strategic, and learn everything what your teachers want to know.

How to Start Writing

Even experienced writers can feel confused when getting started It doesn’t matter when you start as long as your academic writing ends up in the best place. Feel free to write without worrying about your style and spelling at this stage. Write down all of your initial ideas to sort them out according to your essay plan later. As long you get the introduction, conclusion, and body, you won’t go wrong.

There is a certain essay patent that must be followed to succeed. For example, an introductory paragraph must introduce a topic and give readers some basic explanations. Choose only major ideas and make a statement to provide readers with a better idea of what your paper will follow.

The main body takes each major point and develops it with helpful illustrations and examples. Your essay should follow its clear path to a concluding paragraph. The latter one sums up all ideas. You can ask appropriate questions or give useful suggestions in the end. Point out the areas worthy of people’s further consideration without introducing any new ideas. Restate a thesis and round up all comments or conclusions in this essay part.

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