Comment on good Function and Dysfunction of Social Policy in Hong Kong. Essay

2 . Definition of Social Policy

Sociable policy generally refers to guidelines and concours for the changing, routine service or creation of living conditions that are good to man welfare. Therefore, social insurance plan is a component to public coverage that has to carry out with social issues. Specifically, it also thinks detailed problems in insurance plan and administration of sociable services, including policies for health, enclosure, education and social job, and needs and issues affecting the users of services, including poverty, old age, disability, and family plan.

To have even more clearly speaking, terms of social needs, social the usage and alienation will be developed. Social requirements are peoples' needs that are socially described according to social circumstances. Yet we are able to still have a look at Hierarchy of ‘Need” as a reference since social requirements are portion of the basic demands. According to A. H. Maslow (1943), there are a hierarchy of 5 sets of goals including physiological, safety, love, worth and admiration, and self-actualization. These goals are associated with one another, staying arranged in hierarchy of prepotency.

Social the use is referred to the process of accumulating a sense of community and social network amongst several community organizations and persons, hence persons all live together in a peaceful and harmonious method. It is the key factor to cultural stability and is achieved by marketing social mobility.

Alienation is opposite to social the usage, which means the sensation of being neglected or remote and ruled out from the relax. Such a sense of seclusion may well destroy any kind of sense of community or perhaps belonging thus lead to sociable instability. Various kinds of social policy are being executed in a society, such as family members policy, education policy, and healthcare coverage and so forth. We all will specifically focus on interpersonal policies which aim to boost human well being and to fulfill human requirements for wellness, education and housing.

3. Overview and Comment On Cultural Policy in Heath Feature

The health system of Hong Kong is known as as one of the best world-wide. It is divided into two parts, which are public welfare services and private health services. Our authorities heavily subsided for the previous services yet citizens need to pay for the fee for the latter companies. The Division of Well being executes health care policies and statutory functions so as to guard the health of the city through preventive and healing services. In order to achieve the goal, subvention for the Hospital Authority continues to be increased recently. Besides, it is expected that ageing inhabitants will increase, targets of health care will go up, and medical costs can soar. Consequently , it is not challenging to foresee that health expenses will become great burden pertaining to our government. Based on this issue, our govt proposed to experience a reform and some policies had been implemented. I will look at two schemes in the following portion. 3. one particular Early Healthcare Voucher Initial Scheme

Early on Health Care Voucher Pilot Structure (HCVS) was addressed in the Policy Treat 2007 -2008. The System is to provide elders who aged seventy or previously mentioned five healthcare voucher of $50 each year. It should allow seniors to gain access to medical services inside the private sector with security and hence reduce the number of individuals on the ready list in the public sector. Through the Plan, the elderly may have extra choices on top of the existing general public healthcare services which might continue to be supplied, hence value is encouraged being a universal entry to medical providers regardless of wealth or status is promoted. It will add as a confident function seeing that social incorporation is encouraged. Besides, complaints are arouse due to the long waiting around list of the population sector, people can now conserve their time by visiting non-public doctors with partially subsidization. However , in order to further match the social demands, eligibility pertaining to...

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