Essay regarding Early Civilizations in India

Early Civilization in India

The Land of India

India's Initially Civilizations

The Arrival in the


The Geography of China

The Shang Dynasty


• India is known as a land of diversity

• Has about one hundred ten languages plus more than one particular, 000 different types of language • Indian subcontinent shaped like a triangle clinging from the southern ridge of Asia, consists of a number of main regions that include, mountain amounts, river miles, plateau, and fertile seaside plains. • Far north are the Himalayas- highest hill in world • Rich pit of the Ganges River/ Indus

• Deccan is a level that expands from the Ganges valley to southern idea of India.

• Between 3000 B. C. and truck B. C., the valleys of the Indus river supported a thriving civilization • Harappa acquired 35000 occupants, and Mohenjo-Daro perhaps 35, 000 to 40, 500 • Houses varied in proportions reaching of up to three tales • Most constructed of dirt bricks baked in ovens that forms a grid pattern • Harappan rules based their power over a belief in divine assistance. • Religion and political power had been closely connected.

• The Indus area civilization continued extensive trade with town states in Mesopotamia.

• truck b. c. a group of Indo-European nomadic people began to move out of their first homeland in central Asia. • That they moved southern region across the Hindu Kush mountain range into the plains of northern India. They overcome the Harappans and created a new American indian society based on Aryan idea and lifestyle. • Sanskirt- Aryans initially writing system

• Rajas-Princes

• Caste System- was a pair of rigid cultural categories that determined not only a person's occupation and economic potential, but also his / her position in society. • 5 main divisions of Indian Classes known as groupe in English in historical times.

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