History Composition

VI. Roman World

Rome was a small city on the Tiber River inside the central section of the Italian peninsula Rome was located in the heart of Italy and could expand in numerous directions Aventure adopted Greeks' alphabet, military techniques, and fashions of literary works, art, and architecture The Romans developed a strong Republic


occupied prosperous trading cities to the north and west of Rome tribe of people who were living north of the Tiber

From the Etruscans, Romans discovered practical abilities in sterilization, road building, architecture and pottery making Etruscan kings ruled Ancient rome for over a hundred years

They (kings) appointed males to the Senate—advisory council in the king

Both roman Republic (Res Republica)

Government without a california king

The Patricians rebelled against a terrible Etruscan california king in 509 B. C Patricians create a Republic after busting the Etruscan king Roman replaced the Etruscan california king with a couple of Consuls – title provided to 2 officials who ruled the Both roman Republic. (must be Patricians) " Veto” a legislation being handed by a consul or Senate

The Roman Senate consist of 300 Patricians

The Both roman Senate got the power to pass laws. In times of war, they will choose a dictator for a length of 6 months 494 B. C the Both roman Republic offered the Plebeians the right to elect 2 scene from their group which is a great " Assembly” The Tribunes protected the rights from the Plebeian School

280 N. C Plebeians could hold political office buildings, serve inside the senate or maybe become one of many consuls


The class of wealthy landowners

Leaders of the Roman Republic

Consuls directed the daily affairs of governing

Led the military

Had even more rights compared to the plebeians, under no circumstances had time to give persons the right items / rings Important members of the Both roman society

Simply eligible people who can be hired in the United states senate

Controlled a lot of area

" Patricians – " Pater” or perhaps " Father” thus, making them " Fathers of the state”


The public

Took part in devices

Struggled to get equality with the Patricians

Insecure to stop portion in the armed service and paying out taxes

To stop civil conflict, they were provided the right to form their own set up Didn't have sufficient rights just like no directly to vote or perhaps hold workplace

Punic Battles

Series of battles fought against Carthage, the colony of Phoenicia Carthaginian Basic Hannibal led Carthage in the victory in the long run of Punic War Effect was dominance, superiority of Romans in Southern Europe due to its military power RESULTS: (1) Roman inhabitants declined (2) Destruction of Roman gets (3) Creation of latifundias—the newly wealthy owners made large properties. Found staff for their facilities among the slaves and criminals from the Punic Wars (4) movement of men and women to towns (5) economic climate suffered (6) Extension of Roman royaume (7) Corruption in the authorities *Carthage – Africa (at present)


Carthage tried to make power over all the Sicily, an tropical isle at the the southern part of tip of Italy Throughout the 2nd Punic War, Hannibal planned to attack The italian capital

After the wipe out of Hannibal the Romans insisted to destroy Carthage – beginning the 3rd Punic War Effects

Conquests and control of busy trade path brought amazing riches in to Rome A new class of wealthy Aventure emerged

Landless farmers relocated to The italian capital and other metropolitan areas looking for careers Gap between the rich and poor increased, angry mobs began to riot The new riches also improved corruption

Initial Triumvirate

3 ambitious and wealthy military heroes joined together

Guys agreed to guideline Rome with each other

The 3 had been: (1) Gnaeus Pompey – " Pompey the Great” for his victories in the east (2) Crassus – the victor over Spartacus and among the richest males in Ancient rome (3) Julius Caesar Every was jealous of each other peoples power, however they first cooperated to gain the post of consul of Julius Caesar Over ten years, Caesar demonstrated a wizard for leadership and army strategy. This individual brought every one of Gaul under Rome's control and simple invaded Britain Civil war: Caesar defeated Pompey's soldires in Italia and in...

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