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his/her package via the UPS Website. However , technology also permits data to seamlessly stream throughout UPS and helps reduces costs of the workflow at UPS. Thus, the technology described in the circumstance enables UPS to be even more competitive, efficient, and rewarding. The result is an info system way to the business concern of providing a high level services with affordable prices in the face of installation competition.

1 ) What would happen if these kinds of technologies were not available?

Arguably, UPS may not be able to contend effectively without technology. In case the technology are not available, in that case UPS could, as it provides through the majority of its background, attempt to present that details to the customers, yet at higher prices. From your customers' perspective, these technology provide worth because they help customers complete their particular tasks more efficiently. Customers view UPS's technology as value-added services in contrast to increasing the price of sending packages.

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Explore the UPS Website ( and answer the next questions:

1 . What kind details and providers does the Website provide for persons, small businesses, and large businesses? List these services and write several paragraphs describing one of these, such as UPS Trade Direct or Computerized Shipment Processing. Explain how you or your company would benefit from the service.

Answers will vary by the type of assistance students choose. It's important that they can incorporate guidelines from this part in their answers. Make sure they will organize their very own answers in respect to how the technology concentrates on people, technology, and companies. Many of the inquiries in the outstanding chapters will ask for that kind of business.

Describe how the Site helps UPS achieve a few or all of the strategic business objectives all of us described earlier in this phase. What would be the impact on UPS's

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