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Marketing Management

Quiz – 1

PRM 31 & FPRM 2009

Course Facilitator: Pratik Modi

Period: 10 minutesMarks: 5

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Please publish your name and roll amount in a legible manner. Please mark the answers within an unambiguous manner.

If you do not understand the right answers, kindly keep the question solved. Please note this quiz carries the penalty for wrong answers.

1 . The most formal definition of marketing can be ________.

a. conference needs profitably

b. discovering and appointment human and social requires

c. the four Ps (product, price, place, promotion)

d. a great organizational function and some processes for creating, communicating, and delivering benefit to consumers and for managing customer associations in ways that benefit the corporation and its stakeholders e. bettering the quality of lifestyle for consumers

Answer: deb

2 . In ________, customers may share a strong want that cannot be satisfied by an existing item. a. adverse demand

m. latent demand

c. suffering demand

d. irregular demand

e. non-existent demand

Answer: b

3. A(n) ________ need is a need that the consumer explicitly verbalizes. a. stated

m. real

c. unstated

d. delight

e. key

Answer: a

four. ________ shows a client's judgment of the product's overall performance in relation to her or his expectations. a. Loyalty

n. Satisfaction

c. Value

m. Expectations

electronic. Comparison shopping

Response: b

a few. The ________ includes the actors involved in producing, distributing, and advertising the providing. a. operations environment

w. management environment

c. strategic environment

deb. task environment

e. trickery environment

Response: d

six. Managers of ________-oriented businesses concentrate on attaining high creation efficiency, low costs, and mass distribution. a. providing

b. merchandise

c. production

d. promoting

e. consumer

Answer: c

7. Companies that take up and employ the marketing concept move from getting...

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