Poetry Evaluation For Blend Essay

Poetry research

Simply by: Jack Stephenson

Poetry can shape the way in which we see the earth. This declaration becomes really evident when analysing the poems " My Country” by Dorothy Mackellar, and " The New True Anthem” by Kevin gilbert. Equally poems have main ideas that confront, and in some cases, give a responsive discussion. In the composition " The brand new true anthem” by Kevin Gilbert pitches a strong debate in response to Dorothy Mackellar's " my own country”. The theme procedes state what sort of country which was portrayed while beautiful and rich, is in reality a horrible wasteland. The mood of the poem is a continuous degrading string of misery and fear that pitch the audience to see the ‘true colours' of our nation, this is especially apparent in many bad tone keywords like; " pollute all of the rivers”, " litter every single road” and " your hate and tyranny”. The strong use of adjectives takes in a strong image of a simple wasteland packed with destructive inhabitants and tainted leaders. The poet's attitude towards the country is strong and evidently negative towards Australia being a nation. While demonstrated through the entire analysis, the poem " The New True Anthem” by Kevin Gilbert holds a solid hatred and visually discouraging view on Quotes as a land and tries to place this kind of view upon the audience. The poem " My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar shows a much brighter, more liveable and loveable country. This can be evident by using high modality words, just like ‘I love' and ‘Her beauty'. The poem utilize rhyming terms throughout the composition in a delicate, yet powerful pattern that may be; A, W, C, B. In summary, both equally poems present

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