Moving to City Composition

Name: Chhengly

Date: 25/12/2013

Moving to City

Human being are incredibly adaptable. we are able to live in most climates worldwide. in the past, persons tended in which to stay the place these people were born, great we approach easily coming from countryside to city, from part of a country to another, and event coming from country to country. Each places has its customs and ways of existence, and countries also have distinct languages. Once i moved by hometown to city, We changed my personal behavior in three significant ways. Firstly, I have significant change from the embarrassing pupil to be a great student who realizing the result of effort and hardworking. I had fashioned understand that experienced choosing to act like rude a student took me in very bad condition and had burning off my worth of your life and damaging myself and my own upcoming as well. I had loosed section of the lesson which can be important for exam and test. By doing this educator loses respect to me like a student. Yet , I begin to challenge myself having a very good attitude and respect others and educator. Most pays student whom move to city have the same concerns especially around the spending habit. Due to the cost of goods and services in city appear far unlike province. I actually also one of the person who have already been effect by simply high price stuffs of the town. Without having security from friends and family, all money I receive I have to gain by myself to competences my personal study and daily spending by employed in the morning and learning at evening. Incidentally, all my expenditure need to be program in advance to make sure my money will not shortage before month, if it is not balance between expenditure and revenue I have to borrow some funds from my personal close friends, ?nternet site remembered at times I need to take in fried ovum for a whole week. This kind of spending patterns has reflect me of important involving and I learn to realize that is important of having spending budget plan and saving attitude. Responsibility and culture of sharing have set on my...

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