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The moral problem in this case involves Joanna's concerns with the patient problem of belly pain heading unaddressed. Despite the vital signs being within just normal limitations and no significant changes in readings, Joanna's record of stomach pain for the medical homeowner twice and the nurse supervisor's went ignored. I believe that Joanna followed the medical standards of practice; nevertheless , the case examine does not provide a lot of info into her assessment. One of many signs of belly aortic aneurysm is a pulsating bulge or a strong heart beat in the stomach. Joanna would have assessed the individual for this sign and symptom by assessing for a stick in the stomach or listening with a stethoscope for a noisy pulse. Joanna could have also further researched the location of pain. Was Mrs. Kelly exhibiting any back or flank pain? Lastly, I really believe Joanna should have assessed for nausea or vomiting. The institutional and professional restrictions in this case require communication among Joanna as well as the nurse administrators and the medical resident. In the Journal Document " Can we Talk? ” Miller (2013) discusses " Communication Theory #3: Know very well what you will be talking about before starting talking” (p. 194). What this means is " You have to be extremely familiar with the subject in order to have an excellent discussion when ever questions or conflicts arise” (Miller 2013, p. 194). I can discover why Joanna was brushed off by the medical resident and nurse manager. With vital signs within just normal limitations and a complaint of abdominal pain that could mean many problems and not necessarily life threatening. In the event that Joanna might have approached the medical homeowner and nurse supervisor having a more complete assessment since discussed over maybe the end result would have recently been different. Appropriately Joanna performed what she could beneath her opportunity of practice. Under the circumstances presented in case study, Joanna could have contacted the physician on call, described...

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